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Saturday, December 31, 2005


After recently poking around on some other blog that was talking about nail polish, I realized I've never shared my first pedicure story. I'm sure you're all dying to know how it went.

This fall I decided to go in and get a pedicure. I love to wear sandals and have always wanted a French Pedicure. It took me a few months to get up the nerve. So I go in. I'm greeted by someone I can't understand. To this day I don't know what she asked me. I just pointed to my feet. She takes me over to sit in one of their chairs. For anyone who's not had a pedicure, the base of the chair has a basin for them to wash your feet. How humbling, I might add. Anyway, I sit down, she turns on the chair and walks away. Ah. It feels like someone is running small cans of corn into my back.

It's getting faster and faster. Now I'm barely sitting on the seat. My behind is hovering over the basin and the little Vietnamese woman is pointing at me and saying something. I know she's probably saying "look at that fool woman" So this man comes over. I'm assuming Vietnamese. He's cute. I'm feeling a little modest and not so sure I want a man taking care of me. I realize he has no interest in even speaking to me so we'll be fine. Might I add that it's hard not to feel disgusting as he literally shaves the dead skin from my heels. Blah. I thought I had a crummy job. I would like to buy that tool he used though.

Finally, the chair is starting to slow down, I'm feeling less like Lucy Ricardo, life is good. I feel cold lotion hitting my bare legs. I'm wearing capri's. I sit up. "No, no, no!" He looks up at me. Frightened. "I'm sorry, the only man that rubs my legs is my husband." He's confused. Not sure what to do. Now I forgot to tell you that another man is massaging my hands. He's a small man. Very feminine. He laughs. "Let him do it. He like." He's cracking up. The lady that had me sit down in the executioners chair is looking at me. Her eyes narrow. The man at my feet is sitting there. He just gets up and walks away. Not even bothering to wipe off the lotion. Okay, it's at this point that I realize I'm way to high maintenance for any kind of girly relaxation.

I can't lay in a tanning bed. It bores me. I will never have a body massage, remember my modesty issues. A day at the spa is definitely out. Sigh. No, I guess I'm just a paint my own toes kinda girl.

1 comment:

Malia Spencer said...

LOL. I remember you telling us this story. I must say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE massages so a day at a spa works for me. :)

Happy New Year Sabrina!