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Friday, June 23, 2006

Malia's Fault...

Okay, while I hate doing these because they usually make me feel dull and boring, here goes...

Accent: I don't think I have one. Although, I'm sure nobody thinks they have one. LOL.
Best personality trait: If you're a friend of mine I will champion you in everything you do. You will not find someone who will believe in you more. Can't you just hear the Rocky theme music going? ;)
Chores I hate: Cleaning the fridge. Oh and a funny story. We were out of dishwasher soap a few weeks ago. We had all these dishes in the sink for almost two days. My husband says "don't you find it funny that we didn't even think to wash these by hand?" Huh...never even occurred to me. That's sad.
Dad's name: Gregory
Essential make-up/skin care products: Love Roc' home facial peel.
Favorite perfume/cologne: I like perfume on other people. I just can't wear it. Asthma.
Gold or silver?: Gold.
Homestate: Indiana
Interesting fact: I can wiggle both my ears. My son thinks it's the best thing I can do.
Job title: You mean other than wife, mother, daughter, writer...
Kids: One boy. My blessing baby. We prayed and tried for over five years to have him. Now there are days I wonder what that was all Kidding, kind of.
Mom's birthplace: Same as me.
Number of apples eaten in the last week: 4 or 5. We eat a lot of fruit.
Overnight hospital stays: I stayed 7 nights with the birth of my son. I had a very hard time.
Phobia: I'm one of those germ freaks. I love the show Monk. He makes me feel normal.
Question you ask yourself a lot: And I think I'm qualified to do this why???
Religion: Christian. Although, I hate to think of it as a religion, more a relationship.
Siblings: None.
Time I wake up: I get out of bed at 6:50. I wake up about 7:30. I am not a morning person. Grrr.
Unnatural hair color: Natural right now. Sometimes blonde.
Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: I think butter beans should be banned. Bluck.
Worst habit: Dr. Pepper. We have this love hate thing going on. I know it's bad for me, but I can't kick the habit. Sigh. I'm thinking of entering a program.
X-rays?: Sheesh, I don't have the white space to write them all down. Gobs and gobs.
Yummy food I make: I make fabulous cream pies. If I do say so myself.
Zingers: I'm sure this isn't what you meant, but I love raspberry zingers.

Okay, I don't know who to tag. Everyone I can think of is on a tight deadline. Sorry. But it was fun to do. =)

Monday, June 12, 2006

Brandily Collins Publicity News

Best selling author Brandilyn Collins is breaking new ground. With her new release Violet Dawn to be released this year, she has a new website and blog to promote the book. What's unique about this project is the characters from her book are going to be writing the blogs.

Early this spring we (her bloggees)were given ARC's of Violet Dawn and then given the opportunity to audition for one of the roles. Fortunately, my auditioning post was one of those chosen. I get to share the part of Carla Radling, Kanner Lake's top selling realtor, with Lynette Sowell. I am thrilled to be included among such a great group of people.

Keep an eye on the new Kanner Lake website and the Scenes and Beans blog. With the list of writers Brandilyn has posted on her Forensics and Faith blog today, it's sure to be an exciting adventure.