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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Win a copy of Violet Dawn

Something sinuous brushed against Paige’s knee. She jerked her leg away.

What was that? She rose to a sitting position, groped around with her left hand.

Fine wisps wound themselves around her fingers.


She yanked backward, but the tendrils clung. Something solid bumped her wrist. Paige gasped. With one frantic motion she shook her arm free, grabbed the side of the hot tub, and heaved herself out.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It’s been a great privilege to be one of the original writers for Brandilyn Collins character blog, Scenes and Beans. Brandilyn created the blog to give readers a chance to get to know the characters from her newest book, Violet Dawn.

In Violet Dawn, Brandilyn uses her expertise to meld together past and present to give you a fast paced, thrilling and sometimes panic filled adventure. If ever there was a writer who succeeded in joining the exhilarating journey of suspense with the expert characterization of a general fiction, Brandilyn has done it with this one.

Usually in a suspense the thrill is figuring out the killer/thief/bad guy before more doom becomes the main character. In a general fiction, the reader is brought along on a journey. By the end of the book, you feel like you know the characters and feel for them in whatever dilemma they find themselves in. In Violet Dawn, you have the refreshing collaboration of both.

The book starts out in present day with a young woman who makes an unexpected discovery in her hot tub. (Warning to any hot tub owners, you may not be eager to enjoy a nice long soak after reading this story)

Through the course of the book, you get to know the characters of Kanner Lake, Idaho. They range from an eccentric sci-fi writer, retired logger, successful realtor, to a whole variety of folks. People you can meet over at Scenes and Beans.

Throughout the book, you get to know a young girl, Rachel, who, sadly, is living in an all to real and horrible situation. By the end of the book, you want to save this girl from her circumstances. Instead, you finally figure out what Rachel’s story has to do with the current problems of Kanner Lake.

This is not a book for the faint of heart. There was a point in this book that I put my hand to my chest, tears in my eyes and nearly prayed for one of the characters. Seriously, the imagery was that awesome!

As always, Collins did an extraordinary job with this story and I have absolute faith that this story will be exceptionally touching to people who have survived some kind of abuse or emotional hardship in their life.

Now for the fun part. Go to the Scenes and Beans website and find the name of the pastor for Kanner Lake. Email me the name and I’ll put you in a drawing for an autographed copy of Violet Dawn. You could have your very own copy of the book by next weekend. Hint, there’s a cast of characters on the main page of the blog! And don't put the answer on your comment. You'll give it away for the next person. ;) Happy sleuthing!

p.s. Because the publicity for this book was so huge, I know a lot of my readers have this book. If you do and you've blogged about Violet Dawn, feel free to leave your link.


Jennifer Tiszai said...

It's been fun to see all the publicity on this book. But I have 3 copies already. :) I didn't bother to blog about it 1) because I knew you all would and 2) I forgot.

Missed you at the conference!

Cara Putman said...

Oh, I blogged about it last week.

Sabrina L. Fox said...

Okay, y'all, I guess you have this book. Which doesn't surprise me since Zondervan did such huge publicicity with this book. I know most of my blog readers have it. :/

Crystal said...

I don't have it. (gasp) I have just about every book in the known universe, but not this one. ha

Are there ever enough books? Maybe in my house. I can do an exchange...ha