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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Love Inspired Wednesday

Buried Secrets by Margaret Daley

Hidden Treasure?

Fresh from her grandfather’s funeral, Maggie Somers was shocked to find his home—all she had left of him—ransacked. What wasn’t so shocking was that a Collier stood among the wreckage. Maggie had grown up hearing all about the Collier clan—liars and thieves who couldn’t be trusted. Yet, Zach Collier asked Maggie to have faith in him, to put their fund and their families’ to rest. His grandfather had also recently passed away. Zach was sure the man—like Maggie’s grandfather—had been murdered for something hidden among his possessions. Something Zach and Maggie had to uncover before they became targets.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Hey, folks, it’s back. After a long hiatus, I’m back with my Love Inspired Wednesday Review. At the ACFW conference I took the LNC “Why we write for Steeple Hill” Hosted by Lenora Worth, Margaret Daley, Irene Brand, and Debbie Clopton. During the class, I won a copy of Margaret Daley’s October Release, Buried Secrets. I think I’ve mentioned before that I haven’t read many of Margaret’s books. In fact, this is only my second book of hers. (which is ludicrous considering she’s written a bazillion books for them)

Since finishing Buried Secrets I’ve purchased three of Margaret’s
older titles just because I’ve become such a fan of her writing. She absolutely has the ability to write a succinct story, yet with an intricate plot that keeps you guessing until the end of the story. This to me is the epitome of what a Love Inspired book should be. An enjoyable, easy, fast read that doesn’t skimp on plot/romance/suspense.

It was so good that I read Buried Secrets in one evening and I’m now eager to get a copy of Heart of the Amazon, a book about Zach Collier’s twin sister. Overall, I'd recommend Margaret Buried Secrets to anyone that likes a great romantic suspense book. :)

What Margaret says about the book:
I had so much fun writing this book. It combines my love of the Southwest and archaeology. I call this book National Treasure meets Indiana Jones. There’s a mystery to be solved and a treasure to be found. There are villains after the hero and heroine, all against a backdrop of stark beauty and harsh conditions.

Check out Margarets blog and website. She's always doing interviews and giving away books. :) Oh and leave me a comment about your favorite Margaret Daley book and I'll enter you in a drawing for the end of the month. I'm giving away a couple LI books. Sadly, not Margaret's as my copies either have my name in them or I haven't read them yet. LOL. But I do have some other great LI books that you'll enjoy. So leave those comments folks. :)


Georgiana said...

Heart of the Amazon is my favorite Margaret Daley book!

Margaret Daley said...

Sabrina, thanks for the kind words. I'm so glad you enjoyed Buried Secrets. It was fun to write. I'm now writing Hawke Lonechief's story (Zach's cousin in the book). Fosaken Canyon will be out in October 2008 for Love Inspired Suspense.


Janna said...

Okay, in the last week or so I have read "Power of Love" and "Sadie's Hero" by Margaret Daley and they were both wonderful, but I'm gonna vote on Power of Love as my favorite!