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Sunday, October 05, 2008


My boss of 16 years got married yesterday. He's 44 and his new wife is 35. Both doctors and both have never been married before. Unlike most women I don't particularly care for weddings. I ungirly of me. LOL. But really the dressing up thing is no picnic in itself, but mostly the sitting there witnessing them express their feelings for each other seems intrusive to me. I don't know why, just does.

Anyway, I'm sitting there listening to this man that I've worked with for 16 years express how he feels for this woman and I'm in awe. I've never seen this side of him, nor had anyone else. He's the epitome of the contented bachelor. Travels, golfs, enjoys life. Always smiling and happy. Very easy going personality and yet as he spoke his vows he said something to the effect of "I've waited all these years, praying each year for God to send me a partner. Someone to love and cherish. And as each year passed I started to wonder if maybe I'd never find someone. Then I met you. And little by little with each date I knew you were the one." (He said it much sweeter, but I can't remember it exactly) Ahhh. How sweet. But also how sad that those of us that know him so well had no idea he was so discontent with his life. That he was lonely even though he smiled and laughed most every day.

It made me think about all the people in my life and how we really don't know what's going on inside their minds. We really don't know who's sad, lonely, hurting, or even scared. I know. I'm reading too much into his declaration, but it just surprised me so much. :0/ Makes me wonder, ya know. LOL.

It was a lovely wedding and really a joy to see their happiness. The colors were cream and crimson. Both graduates of IU it was more than appropriate. Very fun.

On another note, I'm still looking for someone to leave me a comment for the free book drawing. :) I need to go write my review of Courting Miss Adelaide by Janet Dean. If I finish it I'll post it today. Otherwise, have a happy Sunday. Hug someone you love today!


Dawn said...

Sounds like a beautiful wedding - I'm not a wedding fan either.
Not sure why.......

Talkin' Texan said...

You are so right about not really knowing the people we know. Come to think of it, how many people really know us?

Jennifer Tiszai said...

Like you I often feel at weddings that we're invading a private moment. Never knew anyone else felt that way!

I think there's always this tendency to pretend (or even really believe) that everything is going okay. We don't want to be seen as whiners or complainers. And I think we can be generally content in life and still have a longing for something more. Otherwise, how could we cope every day?

Anyhow, consider this my comment for the book drawing and if I get my act together, I'll post it on my blog too :)