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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Seaside Letters by Denise Hunter

I just finished Seaside Letters by Denise Hunter. Wow! As a writer, I am so impressed with Hunter’s ability to draw me into the story. It’s not an easy thing to make a reader want to know the characters. Let alone the fact when you’re done reading you feel like you’ve visited Nantucket.

I’ve been reading Denise Hunter books for years and I’ve enjoyed watching her transition from a young, new, somewhat predictable writer, to a seasoned professional who often times adds the most tortuous twists to her stories it’s impossible to keep your heart from breaking for the characters. And as she takes us on the emotional journey, I’m always moved as I witness the characters healing.

Seaside Letters is another poignant story from Denise Hunter. A wonderfully written and moving story that kept my attention until the very last page. I’ve come to expect no less from this writer.

Seaside Letters is the third installment in Denise Hunter’s Nantucket Series. The books are all written as stand alones and can be read individually.


Their letters could lead to lasting love . . . or expose Sabrina’s mortifying secret.
Sabrina Kincaid didn’t intend to fall for Nantucket native Tucker McCabe, the man she serves coffee to every morning—a man tied to a past she deeply regrets. But she has. And she’s fallen hard.

But she’s kept this a secret from her handsome customer. And now Tucker wants to hire Sabrina to help locate his friend “Sweetpea”—the mysterious woman he’s falling in love with online. Sabrina is not inclined to help, but if Tucker hires someone else, it could spell disaster. Because if someone else sifted through the emails and figured out the truth—then Tucker would discover that the person he’s trying to find is . . . her.

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