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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Take time to sip the cocoa...

Wow, over the last few days we've had several inches of snow. It's been fun for the kids. We've had a few snow days. Lots of sledding. Playing in the snow. But for the adults it's been a mess. Trying to get plowed out and to work or other commitments . As a parent we have so many responsibilities we sometimes miss the beauty of a snow day. A day to lounge around in our jammies and have cocoa while watching silly family movies. Time to just play in the snow and build snowmen.

I took advantage of the time home by getting caught up on my laundry and straightening the house ,thinking that I'd be ahead of the game and when I finally found time to sit down to write, I'd be able to focus on the story and not all the little things that needed my attention. Sadly, one of the little things I forgot about was my son. It didn't occur to me until almost bed time that he'd been sitting playing with his toys and watching t.v. all afternoon. We'd spent a lot of time outdoors the day before sledding and playing that I didn't even think to find something fun to do. I felt so convicted that I let chores take precedence over my little one. I say little one...he's 10. But still, he's little.

As I tucked him in and loved all over him, telling him I'm sorry he was so bored all day, he hugged me and said, don't worry about it Mom. I just love being home with you. I felt my eyes well up just a little. He's just so thankful to be with me that he didn't even care what kind of attention he got as long as he could be in my presence. I really have no grand thoughts here other than, don't forget to think about the priority you give those responsibilities you have. Don't sacrifice your loved ones for the laundry or the dishes. Take time to sit and have a cup of cocoa. Watch a stupid show or read a book together. Before long our kids won't care if we sit with them or not. Take advantage of it while you can. :) Sadly, the dishes and laundry will always be there.

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