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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Why do you suppose we work better when we're accountable to others? I mean what is it inside us that makes the acceptance of the other person more important than just doing something because it needs to be done? I don't even know if it's acceptance for me as much as competitiveness. Whatever it is, I just hate that I need it to keep busy.

I ask this because I'm currently working with a couple friends on this accountability thing. We're writing a set amount each day. It's really helped me to keep plucking along. Otherwise, who knows how long it would take me to finish Rock Bottom. I mean come on, Prescription for Murder has taken years...and I still don't feel it's finished. LOL.

On another issue, how easy is it to let the business of writing interfere with the actual writing? I've spent more time working on "stuff" that has to do with writing than I've actually spent writing. It's fun, and necessary, I just have to learn how to juggle it all.

Finally, Shirlee McCoy has a great post up about the process of writing for Love Inspired. From when she turns in the complete, to revisions, right down to the final book. It's a great post. Camy Tang is doing great updates on the process she's going through for Zondervan. From market stuff to cover design. Both blogs had some great inside stuff this week. Check them out.

P.S. My son finished Kindergarten today. My baby's not a baby anymore. Sniff Sniff. ; )


Jennifer Tiszai said...

We had a pastor who used to say we do what's inspected not what's expected. He probably stole that from someone, but there's a kernal of truth their. Especially when you're doing a huge project like writing a book, you have to tackle it in smaller pieces. Anything that big does better with support.

My girl finished second grade Thursday. All of the adults were teary-eyed but the kids couldn't wait to leave. :)

Camy Tang said...

Thanks for the shout out!

I can relate to the "yes, it's writing related but it's not actual writing" stuff. Aaaaaargh! I've downloaded a timer program on my computer and now I time myself on the amount of time I spend in emails and blogs. It's been helping, I think.