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Thursday, July 19, 2007


So I got my first rejection the other day and it was a bummer day for sure. Sigh. I had submitted my suspense, Prescription for Murder to Steeple Hill for the Love Inspired Suspense line. I have a small confession in that I'm not surprised it was rejected. Every day I feel like I learn a little more and a little more, so even since last winter when I finished it I know there are a million things I'd change now. :-/ I've started reading for Steeple Hill on a freelance basis and if I'd have received my book I'd have probably suggested a rejection, so there you go...I'm nothing if not honest.

I'm sad, because I love the Love Inspired lines and really had hoped for the book to be a part of the suspense line, but for now I'm putting Prescription for Murder away and pursuing my other projects. I have Rock Bottom well under way and I've started another book targeted for the Love Inspired line too. It was really hard just tossing something I've put a lot of time into, but I think it's time to just move on and keep trying to improve my writing.

I will say that at the 2005 ACFW conference in Nashville I remember one woman saying she had received 19 rejections in one year. I thought then and still do that she's a better woman than me because I'd have given up after maybe 5. One about did me in. LOL. What about you? Any rejection stories you're up to sharing?

Oh and one last thing...thank you to my dear friend, Cara Putman for sending the Rockin' Girl Blogger my way. ;) I don't know if my friends will see this but I'm passing it on to:

Jennifer Tisza
Malia Spencer
Shirlee McCoy
Georgiana D
Crystal Miller

I know a couple of these girls might have been tagged already but I have to include them, they're my favorite girl blogs. ;)


Jennifer Tiszai said...

Ooh, I like your pic!

And that girl who got rejected 19 times is one of my long-time crit partners soon to have her book released by Revell.

Yes, rejection stinks. So wallow for a little bit then get back to writing. Can't wait to see your latest stuff. I'm trying to get back in the swing of things myself. We can swap pages again.

Oh! and thanks for the nomination. Dineen had nominated me too but I never put it up on my blog. I'll go do that now!

Georgiana D said...

Thanks Sabrina!

And I agree, rejection STINKS! But my last job going door to door and making phone calls prepared me for rejection in a way nothing else could. I think I've gotten about 7 or 8 r's this year, but if you look really close you can see my freakishly thick skin.

Crystal Warren Miller said...

Oh, I LOVE LOVE your photo!! Who took it? Why didn't you tell me you were getting your picture taken?

Wow! I feel so honored to receive the Rockin' Girl from you!! I am going to go back and put you on my award that I so "humbly" (not!) put up on my blog (it IS at the bottom of the sidebar...)

And yes, rejection majorly reeks. Majorly. You have joined a legion, but yet, only a few, who have not only completed a manuscript but sent it OUT. You keep on rockin' and 'ritin' girlfriend.

You are going to exchange pages with me, aren't you?

Dapoppins said...

OYE! Hopefully they gave you a good reason for the rejection. I guess the best thing would be not to take it personal. But that's hard with it is your time, sweat and tears, isn't it?

Sabrina L. Fox said...

Thanks, gals. ;) Jen, which friend? Is it the friend who I think is a rockin' writer. If so I didn't know she had something coming out.

Georgiana, you are awesome. You've sent your stuff out 7 more times than I have. ;)

Crystal, the pic is not great. LOL. Tim took it for me. I have the worst time smiling. My mom says it's the German coming out in me. LOL. I have to work on that. Are you getting headshots at Cara's next month?

And finally, welcome, Dapoppins. ;) Always good to have new friends.

Gina Conroy said...

I've had my fair share of rejections, but the one that stands out was when an editor took my synopsis with her from conference. I was going to resubmit everything after I cleaned it up, but before I had a chance I got an official rejection letter! I didn't even know I had actually submitted to her.

So I've learned my lesson. Never give an editor something unless it's your best!