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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cara Putman and her first release...Canteen Dreams

It is with great joy that I bring today’s interview to you. Most of my blog readers know that Cara Putman is a dear friend and crit partner since I’ve sang her praises before. Today I get to interview her and give away an autographed copy of her first release, Canteen Dreams. This is the first of four books that will be released in a little over one year. Cara has been on a fast track since meeting Colleen Coble in 2005. Cara met Colleen and Cara’s husband Eric mentioned to Colleen that Cara wanted to write a book. The rest as they say is history. :0)

Since that time, Cara has finished Canteen Dreams, Sandhill Dreams, and still has Captive Dreams to complete for her three-book commitment to Heartsong Presents. She also has a Love Inspired Suspense, Deadly Exposure, coming out next year. Whew…she’s a powerhouse to be sure. I have complete confidence that we’re going to see great things from Cara in the next few years. So, without further delay, here’s our interview. And read to the bottom to find out how to win a copy of Canteen Dreams.

Cara has been all over the blog sphere these days so I opted for a more fun quirky interview and I hope you’ll learn something new about Cara in the process.

Cara, if you could pick one moment in you and your husband’s marriage that would be a perfect book “scene” what moment would it be.

CP: In a prior life, I worked for a non-profit where I traveled most weekends to teach primarily college students how to get involved and be effective in politics. One of those seminars took me to Kamloops, British Columbia -- a truly rough assignment with Tim Horton donuts all around. Eric went with me and we planned to take a few days after to enjoy the area since we'd never been. While I was lecturing, Eric went exploring. The morning after I finished teaching, we got on the Rocky Mountaineer train and spent a wonderful day traveling to Banff. And we had a couple fantastic days in Banff. It's a beautiful resort town surrounded by range after range of the Canadian Rockies. It was wonderful.

SF: Oh. I know where Banff is. What a gorgeous place. I’m sure it was a fabulous trip. Now, if you could be any character in any book, who would you be?

CP: Uhhhh, now that's an easy question. Not. At one time, I would have said Scarlett O'Hara, because I loved the dresses and glamour of the pre-Civil War south. Then there was a time I wanted to join Laura Ingalls Wilder on the frontier. Then I realized I really love the amenities of modern life. Eric says he would be John Clark from the Tom Clancy books. I'd lean toward Jack Ryan, a reluctant but effective warrior. But I would love to be Deborah or Esther from the Bible. That's never changed. Deborah was a woman who filled what was traditionally a male role as she followed hard after God's calling on her life. And Esther rose from a position of insignificance to one of power, but never forgot God. And when He called her to do the impossible, she did, trusting in him. I hope I would respond as these women did when God calls me to go somewhere I don't think I can go.

SF: Wow, you are a very multi-layered girl, Cara. ;) Back to you and your hubby—-Your favorite date night with Eric.

CP: Any date. Really. In life that moves so fast, it's great to get time away just the two of us. Dinner and a movie. Coffee at a bookstore. Time to connect is the important part.

SF: It’s cool how compatible you two are. You seem to have such similar interests. Now, if you couldn’t be a writer or a lawyer, what would you be doing?

CP: Journalist. I always wanted Katie Couric's job on Good Morning America. Then I took a detour in college after working at a TV station for two years. While I worked around media for several years, I never got back into the active journalism aspects again. So, it was really fun to write Dani Richards in Deadly Exposure since she's a broadcast journalist.

SF: I could absolutely see you with Katie Couric’s job! Was there anything hard about writing Canteen Dreams?

CP: There really weren't any. That book almost wrote itself. The hardest part was going back in the rewrites and smoothing out some of the tension in the romance. I had a lot to learn, but had wonderful editors to work with who helped me id the problem areas.

SF: What was the easiest part of writing Canteen Dreams?

CP: The book wrote itself in three weeks. I've always loved World War Two history, and the early 40s. The songs and movies are some of my favorite even if I wasn't born for another 30 years. So, I enjoyed the process of stepping back in time and telling the story of the North Platte Canteen and my grandparents.

SF: Is there anything your readers might be surprised to know about you or your family?

CP: Another great question, Sabrina. Our idea of the perfect vacation is escaping
the crazy pace of day-to-day life. Eric and I both run at a really fast pace, so it's wonderful to escape and spend time playing lots of games with our kids. And we all love games. Board games. Card Games. Active games. We can spend hours playing together. I love that!

SF: Thanks, Cara, for stopping by. You know I’m one of your biggest fans and feel blessed to call you a friend. (Cara’s one of those girls that is such an encourager. She’s sweet and kind when she needs to be, and good with a kick in the pants when she needs to be. :0) Anyway, if you’d like to win a copy of Canteen Dreams go to Cara’s blog look for a post that Cara posted from her mom, Jolene Catlett, and find the answer to this question, Cara's mother isn't surprised Cara ended up writing and ultimately became published...not since she began journaling in ______. Find the answer and email me. I'll draw a name from the correct answers. :) Happy sleuthing.

CP: Thanks so much for having me, Sabrina! I so appreciate the friendship that has grown between us as we both chase our writing dreams. Can't wait to hold your book someday soon!


Cara Putman said...

Thanks for having me, Sabrina. And a hint for all of you searching for the answer to Sabrina's question, you can search my blog...there's a search tool at the very top left hand corner. Good luck!

Crystal Laine Miller said...

I love this interview--such interesting questions and answers! Great job, you two!

I have my autographed copy so no need for me to get one--great stuff. I love historical romances--probably my favorite genre next to all romances. ha