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Friday, December 07, 2007

Letting them grow up!

We finally have our snow and I love it. I'm one of those Midwest girls that needs snow for the holidays. Without it it just seems like any other time of the year. So we have this snow and it's pretty and fluffy and Tanner, my eight year old, is dying to go out and play in it. Sigh. Here lies the problem. My name is Sabrina and I'm an overprotective mom. LOL. Seriously, I love to go out and play with Tanner in the snow. Last year we got this great snowman kit that I'm dying to try out. We also have sleds and shovels and all kinds of fun snow gear. (Yes, I sled too!)

Sadly, Tanner's eardrum ruptured two weeks ago and I'm afraid he isn't quite over his illness yet. I'm worried that if I let him go out and play in the cold damp snow he'll end up really sick. He is furious with me. He stomped his foot yesterday and said, "Mom, you're still treating me like I'm 5 or something." LOL. I had to try really hard not to chuckle and grab him for a hug. Even when he's mad I still see my little baby. In reality, he finished is antibiotics and the doctor said he's healing fine.

I know he's growing up and I do need to coddle him less. But where do you draw the line? How do I stop seeing him as the little infant that I cuddled close for what seemed like such a short time? Sigh. If you have any great words of wisdom, I'll take 'em.

p.s. My little man didn't even ask for any toys this year for Christmas. He asked for a guitar. That's it. He said he just really really wanted a guitar. He thought if he gave Santa less options he was more likely to get what he wanted. :) That's my boy! Always thinking.


Ausjenny said...

you have one smart boy there. i hope he can get out into the snow but after his ear is clear.

Crystal Laine Miller said...

Oh! Tanner wants a guitar! He would fit right in with my boys. They all play guitar. If you get him lessons, take him to The Guitar Teacher. I can tell you about it later.

And put a really warm hat over his ears and let him out for a short bit. The worst is if he gets overheated or if he gets chilled. Sigh. He sounds like my Max used to be. (ha) Max love, love, loves the snow! He was born in February and just loves Christmas and cold and snow. (grin)

Poor Tanner. It reeks to be sick.