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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Looking back and forward...

This has been a very memorable year for our family. Sad and trying in a lot of ways. In fact, we received a Christmas card from a loved one to us that said, “praying 2009 is better for you guys, and hey, it’s not like it could be much worse” :0/ Okay, thanks for that. LOL. Way to think positive.

Really, though, she’s right. I’m going into 2009 with assurance that things will improve, even as our country is going through it’s own trying time and things look grim for so many. Even though I feel much trepidation with the new president, even when our future is still so sketchy, I feel a peace in my soul that things will be okay. I have hope. We have survived 2008 and will survive 2009 and we will look back at it and remember it as a year of tremendous growth for our family. That’s my hope anyway.

Now that I’ve depressed all of you, these are cheery pictures to make you smile. Our son Tanner is hugging our dog Chloe. Chloe was a dog we rescued when we found out they were going to put her to sleep a couple years ago. (Her owners had dropped her off at the shelter because they couldn’t afford a dog anymore) She was an older dog that nobody wanted. We love this dog. She has such a gentle spirit and is so trusting and loyal. She’s never messed on the floor or torn anything up. You could hand her a steak and while she’s eating it take it away and she’ll just look at you as to say “Well, okay, if you need it more than I do.” I can’t imagine that we live in a society that would throw away such a beautiful animal. Wait, that was a depressing statement. LOL.I’m going to stop now.:)

p.s. Can't you just see the love Tanner has for his dog. How sweet, simple, and precious.


Crystal Laine Miller said...

Your dog, Chloe, is absolutely the sweetest dog on the planet. And so pretty. I just loved her when I saw her. And I love the photos of her and Tanner. Reminds me of days past.

When I would go through tough years like that, I would think to myself, "and this, too, shall pass.Still standing. Still strong." Probably dumb and wishful thinking on my part, but how do people do it without faith? I shudder to think about that, so I don't.

I still have stuff for you! Ha!

lynnmosher said...

Sabrina, I'm so sorry you've had a rough year. I know the Lord will bring positive things into the lives of you and your family in the New Year.

After reading this, it helps me to better understand your comment on my blog. I am overwhelmed on the working of the Lord. I am so grateful to Him that He has used my post to touch your heart. I pray the Lord will fill your New Year with abundant blessings and a special outpouring of His presence.

Angela said...

Happy New Year... I'm not sure if the family has told you or not, but we are expecting a little one sometime in July!!! 35/36 and pregnant, I am so nervous! I am showing fast and growing fast and have been extremely sick, I am curious to find out if it's just one!!!??? LOL Hope things go better for you and the family this year! Love ya Angela