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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When Men Are Sick

Why is it when men are sick it's so much worse than when we're sick? LOL. My hubby is sick right now and I feel for him. He really is sick. But it makes me laugh when I think about how much more sick he is than I ever am. Meaning, he moans and groans and sniffles around like he's dying and when I'm sick I somehow still get Tanner off to school and figure out what they'll eat even if I'm not eating.

I think it's evident why we are the ones to birth the children. LOL.


Jennifer Tiszai said...

Oh yeah. I'm so with you. Sissy has been down with mono and missed the last two weeks of school. Calvin started throwing up at school Friday. And today I have a migraine.

But I still have to get the kids to the church play tonight, update the church website, and go to work tomorrow.

So I don't know why the stereotype is that men are so macho and tough. Unless it's just that they are particularly vulnerable to the flu bug, but not knives and guns? Maybe the next action flick needs to have some virus as a secret weapon :) Stand back or I'll give you the flu!

Clearly I'm punchy from whatever's going around our house :)

Carole said...

I had to laugh when reading your post, Sabrina, because I've wondered the exact same thing. Maybe we have a higher level of pain tolerance, but I doubt it. Anyway, you're certainly not alone!