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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Favorite new historical writer...

Tamera Alexander's recent release, The Inheritance, debuted on the April 2009 CBA Bestseller List and is the first historical for the WOMEN OF FAITH fiction line (Thomas Nelson). The Inheritance, a stand alone novel, is set in Colorado 1877

Sabrina here: I just finished the Inheritance by Tamera Alexander and had to share with you how much I loved it. I'm not surprised how well it was written, since I've read other books by this author. I wasn't even surprised how the author took me right into the setting and left me there for the whole story. Nope. Wasn't surprised at all. Not since Alexander has become my favorite new Historical fiction writer. This newest book was the icing on the cake.

Something I love about her writing is that it's historical without being unrealistic. Sometimes I read historicals and think, really? They really acted like that. Never once did anything improper or out of character. It seems untrue to human nature to think that just because a christian person was born in the 1800's they never did anything "unchristian" or questionable. Tamera paints a real picture. A human picture. I could easily imagine the premise of this book happening. I love her stories so much, I wish they'd make them into a television series. I'd watch it. :)

Overall, rich, vivid characters, and a beautiful setting. Throw in the faith element and you have a wonderful read!

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Shirlee McCoy said...

I'll have to give this one a try. I haven't read historical in a while and am starting to crave a good read.

Any news?