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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Chris Medina - What Are Words

When Chris Medina first auditioned for American Idol I, like most people watching, felt such heartbreak for his story. For all he's lost and for the life that he and his precious fiance should have had together. If you haven't heard about him, look him up.

His decision to stand by Julianna during this time, when most young men would eventually leave to pursue other women, is so remarkable to me. And then to listen to the words of this song, so appropriate for their love have to watch it.

As a mother of a son I can't help but admire this young man and his love and respect for this woman and the commitment he made to her. I hope you'll listen to his new single and better yet, go buy it on Itunes. I heard that a large portion of his proceeds is going into Julianna's recovery fund. I hope he has enough success to help their situation but not so much that it changes him.

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