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Monday, March 28, 2011

Criminals with bad taste...

So this morning I go out to the car to find that it's been ransacked. I'd left it out of the garage because I'm lazy and hate pulling out. I know...really lazy, but it's just so much easier to start it and go. Sigh, I know, I digress--so the thief didn't even pretend to hide his tracks, my papers and registration and all kinds of junk was strewn about. My console and glovebox emptied.

I didn't have a lot in there. They got our cell charger, my son's Nintendo DS charger, a cd or two and maybe some loose change. My neighbor faired a little worse. But here's where my crazy brain looses it a little. The thing that irritated me the most, they didnt' take my Train CD. Nope. Well that and our son's Lactaid. I guess the crook wasn't lactose intollerant, I get that, but um, what does that say about my taste in music? Is it me or do the thieves of today have poor taste.

And why do I care? LOL. I should be happy that they didnt' take it. My husband thinks it's hillarious seeing as how he can't stand Train.

On a serious note, it does creep me out to think some creepy guy was snooping through my stuff. I can't imagine how a home invasion leaves the victims feeling.

1 comment:

Cara Putman said...

Ugh! So sorry this happened to you. And, um, who's Train?